Friday, September 7, 2007

The Great Battle of the Networks

"The Great Battle of the Networks" is the what is happening in today IT environment. Businesses that have best most efficient networks, better intercommunications and integration among various subsystems will prevail. Todays IT networks can be compared to biologicals nervous systems.

So what is happening today: organizations are building more complex, more efficient networks. Technologies such as virtualziation, application integration, grid-computing, network and performance monitoring making these networks faster and more agile.

While business are investing into their IT infrastructure to improve their business, cut costs and maintain competitiveness I am wondering if there is a more hidden by-product of this growth -- a steady evolution of the intelligent network -- a web of self-organizing, self-healing, agile networks.

As with biological organism growth in neuro complexity led to the evolution of inteligence. While every nueron is a failry simply cell their collections produces asstounding results -- a higher order of function.

The world wide web already exhibits the some features of intelligent self-organizing systems. While you may say that "we the humans" are the once organizing. In my view the "who or what" does not matter, what matters is the final outcome.

Just like bio-organisms networks allow businesses to adapt to ever changing environment. We may be looking to the early rise of the "intelligent net". What might be interesting is that such intelligence may be beyond our senses just like each and every neuron is unaware of the higher organization it is part of.

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