Thursday, October 29, 2009

Technology Overload

I am completely convinced that just like we've produced too many cars, too many houses, too much credit and sadly too many dollars, we have also produced too much technology, software products, packages and solutions. The result is that organizations are not only confused but unable to absorb the technology and products that they already own. Over the past decade enterprises acquired too many products, a large portion of which have become shelve-ware. So what is the response of the corporate CIO -- vendor/product committees, tool consolidation, vendor consolidation and other tactics to keep new vendor and technologies away and make do with what they already own.

Enterprise solutions are so complex and vendor messaging so confusing and ambiguous that often times you need Gartner or some other research agency to decode what is what. The number of new terms, abbreviations is just staggering. The best way to deal with complexity is ... simplicity. I like the KISS approach Keep It Simple and Stupid or Stupid and Simple. But unfortunately that is not what is happening.

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